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Trading Post is your new local advertiser for Carmarthenshire, brought to you by the Agri Trader team. It is delivered by Royal Mail door to door to over 60,000 homes and businesses in the county.

We know that people love the full colour A5 format that we’ve been using for Agri Trader over the past 16 years. They also hold on to our magazines for much longer than they would any newspaper, which is often in the bin by the next day.

If you’re not able to supply suitable artwork for your advert, don’t worry. Our designers will take great care to produce an advert that is right for you. We’ll design your advert free of charge and you’ll get to see an emailed proof prior to printing.

A word entry in our “Classifieds” section starts at just £10 + VAT and a full colour box advert in our “Find a tradesperson” section starts at just £40 + VAT. This makes Trading Post the most cost effective local advertising you can buy in the Carmarthenshire area.

What our advertisers say

  • Wow!!!! One advert in the Trading Post has produced responses which has outdone a glossy national magazine ten-fold. Very impressed. Thank you.

  • Since placing an advert in the Trading Post, we have been overwhelmed by the volume of enquiries it has generated. The quality and service provided by Trading Post has been excellent.

    OJ Joinery Ltd.

  • I advertise in every issue, always a pleasure to deal with, and my bookings always get a boost.

    Ian, Pricewise Taxis

  • Have placed a classified advert on a number of occasions, success each time, and the added bonus that it's free. Well done on a great publication.

    D Thomas, Llandysul

  • Trading Post has been a critical element in helping us to stay close to the general public with available offers. Would have no hesitation in advertising again.

    George, Chadzy's Ltd

  • The quality of your magazine is excellent, and the design layout ensures that adverts stand out. My business has benefitted greatly from advertising with you.

    Sarah, The Rolling Pin, Llandeilo

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If you want more leads and enquiries for your business in the Carmarthenshire area then Trading Post is the right choice for you!

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